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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

As English teacher

I can't think of my strengths as English teacher,I don't have confidence in my ability.But I can think of my weaknesses as English teacher. For example, I don't have idea of warm-up activity, how to practice, how to presentation, I need to study making a lesson more.
Today, in the class of "Education of English3", I lerned some thing from members of ETM.
I made a lesson plan of page51,"I think ~" ,I consider only "think", so, I made practice of expressionof "I think ~". But other member's lesson plan, consider not only "think" ,but also "know" "hope" . so,this is very important.And, I persisted a contents of textbook at introduction new material,but I knew that is not good.Using materials that close to students life is important.


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